The Providence MBA Story

We are grateful for the legacy that began in 1996 by serving just one doctor in the Fort Worth area. More than twenty years later, we are servicing practices from Arlington to Weatherford, Texas, and extending to other U.S. practices.

Our team’s history is what makes it different from other billing companies. Every one of us at Providence MBA is committed to accuracy and loyalty as we service each of our physician’s needs.

Physicians Are Business Owners

We believe in treating each of our physicians as a business owner, in order that they may serve our communities with the highest medical care available.

Though there are many medical billing companies to choose from, there are not many that can provide “Medical Business Advancements.” Since there are no two practices the same, we make necessary adjustments to our providers’ specific business needs, instead of them fitting our needs.

Providence MBA is here to give independently-minded doctors a way to remain independent, so they can provide the ultimate medical care their patients need. Why? Because everyone needs a good physician devoted to timely and professional healthcare, and those patients include ourselves, our neighbors, and our families.